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Hi, I am Pritesh Pawar, a tech-enthusiast who holds an immense interest in the field of technology. Firstly, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Then I diverted towards the online advertising industry.

I am a lazy workaholic who loves to explore the world while being on his gadgets. So, this Website is an experiment by me to explore myself more. Subsequently, I started my blogging journey from Yahoo Answers (where I got banned) nine years ago from a small cyber cafe out of boredom. Then the board exams happened. Coming from a non-metro city where we are forced to concentrate on life’s most important exam of 10th standard, I gave up blogging for almost 2 years. I realized that I was far more passionate in writing than any other field although I was not pro and I am still learning it.

Like any other Indian student, I took Engineering. Mistakes happen, you know that right? But that is how I got my technical background and I am able to share that with the world. Everything happens for some good.

Pritesh Pawar – From Engineer to Digital Marketer

After 12th standard when I came to Mumbai for pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, I resumed by writing on a Question-Answer website named Quora. I used to write randomly. As I started gaining thousands of followers and millions of views, I started getting freelancing jobs. That was the time I realized that there is still a career option in this field. Moreover, I was not doing any good in Engineering to survive the IT field which is going to be dominated by AI very soon.

I kept writing on various platforms. In the three years of my Engineering, I kept growing better and better day by day. At least, this is what I feel when I look at my old self.

So, I am working as a digital marketer now. I help small businesses to establish their online presence and also grow their asset-light models.


1] Why did you make a separate website when you were doing fine on Quora?

Answer: Because I don’t own Quora. Why not be a proud owner when I can?

2] Why did you choose to write about Technology when you used to write randomly on Quora?

Answer: I have disintegrated all of my social platforms now.

Quora – Current affairs, my opinions, and answers to the requested questions

Instagram – All my learning about Digital Marketing

Medium – Psychology, People and Human behavior

Website Technology

Goodreads – Books Reviews

YouTube Videos supporting all my other platforms

In fact, I have tested more than 19 platforms to settle on a few.
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3] What will I get to see on this Website?

Answer: Here are the categories which you will get to see on Pritesh Pawar’s website:

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