“What after Engineering? What are your plans?”

This is a horrendous statement that every Engineering student goes through!

With the increasing unemployment and decreasing skill-based education system, students even get into mental shocks. After all, it is a turning point in the career.

The only purpose of writing this ebook is to give some insights to my junior friends that there is still a long way to go.

Even if a single person finds this guide helpful, it will be sufficient for me.

That is because I know the pain of going through that stage.

This is a phase where most of us don’t see options other than the same 2-3 paths that everyone else is following!

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What After Engineering? Career Options For Engineers

“What are your plans after Engineering? Why don’t you try for ISRO because they have just opened some positions?”

This horrendous question came to me from one of my closest people while traveling somewhere. I clearly remember the place, time, conversation and importantly, the pressure of answering at that moment.

I won’t name the person for obvious reasons but anyway he/she won’t be reading this because people usually care more for their ‘ISRO’ updates. This blog will be another trash Internet article for them.

Anyway, the only purpose of writing this article is to give some insights to my junior friends that there is still a long way to go. At least one person might find this helpful which is sufficient for me.

Because I know the pain of going through that stage. Now I might say, “Hah! I knew I would be in the advertising industry after my Engineering. I was smart enough to take decisions.”

What After Engineering - Passion

This is bullshit.

I was scared and equally afraid at that time especially when your own people don’t see any hopes from you.

I have converted this blog into an Ebook “What After Engineering?” for the convenience of fellow Engineers.

You can download it for Free.

About me?
Let me introduce myself.

I was among millions of Engineers who struggled in search of success and contentment. I was a confused student with no clarity about the future while being in college. I passed out in 2019.

Now, I am a Digital Marketer. Currently, I am working as a Research Analyst at one of the largest AdTech companies.
As a side hustle, I serve multiple clients to grow their online presence. Also, I sell digital products globally.

Want to know about my journey? I have written 3 in-depth blogs which will take 30 minutes to read. Read on your own risk 😛

[Pritesh Pawar ~ The Accidental Engineer]

Enough of me! Let’s talk about what you can do after your Engineering!

What To Do After Engineering?

The biggest mistake that most of my batchmates committed at that time was that they stuck to one specific thing even after knowing their own reality.

“I am an Engineer. How can I do such jobs? Kya izzat reh jaegi? Log kya kahenge?”

Not only they demeaned themselves but also tried to pull others who wanted to escape the race.

“Will you be a writer? Kya karega likhke? Programming kar bro!”

“Who works for Accenture? It’s a company of mass recruitment. We are not made for it”

Such statements came from people who are totally unemployed right now and also asking me for referrals at my company which is no way related to Engineering.

It is simple. It doesn’t matter how you earn. Because employers ask for your skills and your family asks for money.

Let’s leave aside our trivial egos of being an Engineer and start finding the right ways.

I’ll share an important message at the end of this article but read the complete post first.

[In case you are in 12th standard right now and you’re interested in Engineering then you are at the wrong place. You need to know this first – Types of Engineers in India]

1. Job

Job is the most common destination that most people land on! It’s a great option when you want to get some practical exposure to the market.

No college, certification or course will teach you the practical experience to deal with the seniors, customers, office politics, etc.

Moreover, you will understand the market in a much better way when you join a company to serve them.

I would recommend everyone to do some job at least once in the lifetime – no matter what your future plans are!

Why Job After Engineering

Again there are 2 parts for Engineers –

A) On-Campus Placements

On-campus placements are good but it has its own pros and cons.

You might get placed with some company with a fixed package and need not worry for the rest of your Engineering but there is a catch.

You might miss several better opportunities when you deserve much more.

Also, not everyone is so lucky to get placed in campus placement. On top of that, the majority of the Indian Engineering colleges never get campus placements.

[Hindustan Times Reports: 58% of Engineering students didn’t get jobs during campus placements in 2019]

So, it’s okay. You’re not alone. Leverage this opportunity to explore more.

B) Off-Campus Placements

I understand the competition is slightly higher in this segment but do you know the good part? Job openings are continuous and never-ending.

India is going digital and we need more such people who are technically good if not the best. Can you guess whom am I pointing at?

Yes, you Mr. Engineer.

The requirement of technically sound people is going to increase because of several newly emerging industries.

Here are some upcoming and booming industries with an example:

  1. Fintech = Finance + Technology (Paypal)
  2. Foodtech = Food + Technology (Zomato)
  3. Edutech = Education + Technology (BYJU’s)
  4. Biotech = Biology + Technology (Johnson & Johnson)
  5. Adtech = Advertising + Technology (Media.Net)
  6. Retailtech = Retail + Technology (Afresh)
  7. Healthtech = Health + Technology (Flatiron)
  8. Proptech = Property + Technology (99Acres)
  9. Insurtech = Insurance + Technology (Policy Bazaar)
  10. Wealthtech = Wealth + Technology (InvestCloud)
  11. Regtech = Regulation + Technology (CUBE)
  12. Legaltech = Legal + Technology (App4Legal)

Since this post is not all about such companies, I have restricted myself to one single company as an example.

But you understand the job availability, right?

Build a strong LinkedIn profile. If you are ignoring LinkedIn today then you are missing a great opportunity now.

Connect more people in your industry and turn on the updates for job notifications. That is the finest way to search for jobs.

Off-Campus Job After Engineering

I am linking some more Engineering job portals in India for you. Here are some resources to refer –

  1. Naukri.com
  2. Monster.com
  3. Fresherslive.com
  4. Indeed.co.in
  5. FreeJobAlert.com
  6. Indeed.com
  7. TheIndiaJobs.com
  8. TimesJobs.com
  9. NaukriHub.com
  10. FirstNaukri.com

I hope you find this list helpful. You can share this list to a needy because small attempts might bring a huge change in someone’s life.

2. Master of Technology (M.Tech) or Master of Engineering (M.E.)

M.Tech/M.E. is a specialization in a particular Engineering subject that you learned in the last 4 years.

What after MTech/ME?

After Masters, you can either join a company or enter the teaching field as most of the PG holders do.

But I would say that you have a better scope in core companies or product-based companies if you complete Masters and specialize in your area.

You might also enter in Research using a Ph.D. degree after you complete the Masters.

The choice is completely yours.

All IITs in India

Exams For MTech/ME

However, you need to apply and clear the Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) Examination to be eligible for a good MTech/ME college in India.

It is a national level examination hosted by IISc and 7 IITs of India. So, prepare accordingly.

There are other institute level or state level exams as well. For instance, PG-CET, SRMJEEE, TANCET, VITMEE, BITS HD, MU OET, GITAM GAT PGT, KIITEE, SAAT, etc.

3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA teaches you the theoretical fundamentals of Business and it can be helpful for literally any degree holder.

Alright. Not all of us wanted to be an Engineer! Enter a non-technical field now.

What after MBA?

So, why waste the degree by again entering a technical field? Better utilize your technical knowledge into some business or help some company to grow its business.

But I feel that an MBA degree is fully utilized if used in building some business or shooting a business exponentially.

Business After Engineering

Exams for MBA

Common Admission Test (CAT) is a national level examination for MBA degree in some reputed college.

However, you might appear for other exams like CET, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, ATMA, NMAT, SNAP, etc.

Personal Note: It is always better to pursue your MBA from a reputed college in India or simply go abroad.

It makes no sense to admit to a random local college.

4. Master of Science (M.S.)

When it comes to Masters in some other reputed University or country, your research, and practical knowledge matter a lot.

So, make sure to do your research properly and choose appropriate Universities to target.

People mostly pursue MS because of the high value and demand for high paying jobs.

MS After Engineering

Exams For MS

Appear for GRE and IELTS/TOEFL.

Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is the most popular exam if you want to pursue MS, MBA and similar degrees. Prepare for it because your rank decides your University.

You also need to appear for other exams to prove your English command because you come from a non-native English speaking country.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) & Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are two such exams.

But before going for MS in some good country and university, make sure that you are well-researched about that country.

Also, research more about the budget, scholarships, and fees that you will need there. It’s a costly deal.

5. Indian Engineering Services (IES)

You must be aware of IAS Officers, IPS officers, or even IRS officers. But did you know that Engineers have a special category of this white-collar job in Government?

In terms of salary and promotions, IAS officers and IES officers don’t differ. So, all the perks and Government facilities of IAS are present with the IES officer as well.

IES Officer Facilities

The only reason you might not have heard because it is not too famous as Engineers are less. Anyone can appear for UPSC examination but this position is exclusive for Engineers.

The competition is less because of this matter.

Total Applicants of UPSC 2019 = More than 8 Lakh

Total Applicants of IES Exam 2019 = 3,46,773

An IES Officer has technical responsibilities in his department but the risk factor is almost negligible as compared to IAS or IPS.

Exams for IES

Only one – ESE (Engineering Services Examination).

ESE test is conducted in 3 rounds – the Preliminary round, the Main round and finally, the interview round.

The exam consists of the technical part, obviously! But it is totally worth the power and respect you get later.

6. Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)

Although the craze for PSU and Government jobs is declining day by day. But there are still millions of parents who dream of admitting their kids to a PSU job for the perks and the tag of Government.

There are 4 major ways to get a job in PSU:

  1. GATE Exam Score followed by GD/PI rounds
  2. Campus Placements
  3. NET Exams (CSIR NET / UGC NET)
  4. Direct Selection Process

I won’t talk about the first 2 points as they are already covered in my previous points.

Clearing University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) makes you eligible for joining as an assistant professor in colleges but it also gives you an entry in PSUs.

Likewise, the clearing Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) will admit you to the Research industry but it is also a gateway to PSUs.

You can research it further if you are interested.

There is another way as well if you missed the bus.

PSUs keep posting about their openings when they need candidates. You can always apply them.

List of highest paying PSUs that you can apply as an Engineer

List of highest paying PSUs that you can apply as an Engineer.

  • Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL)
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Oil India Limited (OIL)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
  • Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

However, remember that PSUs face tremendous competition. Don’t forget the caste-based reservations as well.

7. Government Jobs

This was my focus when I realized that I am not really made for IT. The preparations for Government jobs are easy but the competition is brutal and followed by reservation systems.

Government Jobs After Engineering

There are way too many jobs available with the Government than you can even imagine!

I spent almost 6 months of my life researching all Government jobs that I could apply.

But do you know the best part? We Engineers can apply for any job because most of the posts merely require a degree.

I mostly focused on Banking jobs because… no idea why!

Anyway, here are some exams that can land you to Government jobs.

  • Banking Exams
    • State Bank of India – Probationary Officer (SBI PO) & Clerk (SBI Clerk)
    • Institute of Banking Personnel Selection – Probationary Officer (IBPS PO) & Clerk (IBPS Clerk)
    • Cooperative Bank Recruitment
  • Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
  • RBI Grade B Exam
  • Staff Selection Commission Exam (SSC)
  • Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
  • State Public Service Commission (SPSC)
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India – Assistant Administrative Officer (LIC AAO)

And hundreds of other Govt exams. Refer to a good newspaper.

The syllabus is mostly the same for all of these exams. You can apply for all while preparing for one.

8. Join Indian Armed Forces

Did you know that Engineers have a special place in the Indian Armed Forces? Be it Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force. People with technical skills are required everywhere.

Indian Armed Forces - Wikipedia

There are several openings coming out in all the three forces in terms of technical requirements. No doubt, you can also apply for non-technical posts but the competition is higher.

If you have an Engineering degree and technical skill set then why not leverage that?

I am listing the official websites of all the 3 wings which will help you navigate. However, do your own research as well.

  1. Join Indian Army
  2. Career & Recruitment at Indian Air Force
  3. Join Indian Navy

9. Courses, Certifications, Skill Building

This is the best thing for the long term. If you are able to put some months after your graduation then go for it.

We all know how colleges and universities suck for building real industry skills in the students.

It can be absolutely different from your degree or it might be a lateral skill related to your degree. If it is practical then do it.

Some important concepts that are booming if you are wondering what to do after engineering

Some important concepts that are booming are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming Languages
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Network Structure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Product Management
  • Business Analytics

If you are focused on grabbing a job then certification is important as much as the real skill.

I can help you with Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Industry.
Refer This: Resources

Online Platforms where you can acquire the Skills

  1. YouTube
  2. Lynda
  3. Udemy
  4. Udacity
  5. Coursera
  6. Pluralsight
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Skillshare
  9. Stackoverflow
  10. Codecademy
  11. EdX
  12. Alison
  13. MOOC
  14. Guru99
  15. NPTEL

Some of them are paid while some are free. Some of them offer certificates while others don’t. Choose accordingly.

However, businesses and startups don’t require certifications. Skills are enough that you can learn from the Internet.

10. Startup, Business, Freelancing

These 3 words might sound fancy but trust me, it requires a high amount of patience, dedication, and discipline.

  • Patience – Businesses take time to grow. You need a high level of patience to keep moving. Empires are not built in a day.
  • Dedication – You might need to sacrifice your social life or entertainment for a while because entrepreneurship is all about work. All the stars that you see from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg had slept in their offices. Remember that.
  • Discipline – There will be times when you would feel lazy but the client is the king. If you don’t deliver on time then your business is doomed.
Business After Engineering

You can partner with some like-minded friends and start a business together but make sure all of you are equally dedicated.

You won’t be friends but partners now. Do the legal paperwork properly beforehand.

Otherwise, you might work individually as a freelancer. I am doing the same.

[You can check out my services from here: Pritesh Pawar Services]

Again, leverage platforms like LinkedIn to get clients and customers.

If you are a freelancer then I am listing a few platforms that might help you get projects:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • LocalShout
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Toptal
  • Guru
  • 99 Designs (Only for designers)

What is the Ultimate Truth after Engineering?

Now since you have read the complete article and probably on the verge of making a decision.

But should I tell you a reality that I observed in my professional life?

It doesn’t matter whether your job pays you an amount of 3 Lakh or 30 Lakh Rupees.

You will get paid at the end of the month but what about your 30 days of the month? Are you really able to enter your office happily?

There are several things that matter later – office culture, colleagues, boss, work pattern, and hundreds of other things.

That is how life works 🙂

Every job is glittering while being unemployed but why step on broken glass intentionally?

Meaning of the above statement: When you know that you won’t like a specific job then don’t even enter it. Step carefully with proper research and self-assessment.

Condition applied that you have already tried enough to learn the required skills and still didn’t like it.

If you are a student then you are at the best phase of your time when you can try out too many things without losing anything.

Do your research and let me know if you still get any doubts.



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