YouTube vs TikTok – Things You Should Know

If you are even slightly active on social media then you must be already knowing about the famous YouTube vs TikTok battle.

What was this YouTube vs TikTok drama? A few TikTokers took a roast video seriously and started attacking the YouTube community.

Then both the communities started the warfare with the final blow from the top Indian Roaster CarryMinati. You know the rest of the issue.

Apparently, CarryMinati’s video was better than the expectations and it broke all the records of YouTube India. It is currently the most liked video on YouTube in India.

If you have not watched deleted CarryMinati’s video, here you go [Warning: Headphones Recommended]

Well, this was another battle similar to TSeries vs PewDiePie.

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Now being a Digital Marketer, I have more people in my connection who are interested in the same stream.

For us, it is very important to understand both the platforms. So, let’s talk about the main point now.

YouTube vs TikTok – Which Is Better?

After a very long time, we got to see some social network that is discomforting Mark Zuckerberg and even YouTube.

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TikTok has currently 1.5 Billion downloads globally and there are more than a Billion active users. Meanwhile, YouTube has 2 Billion active users.

Hmm… That’s a serious threat to YouTube. Also, Digital Marketers – don’t ignore this platform.

Let’s compare one by one.

1] Content Creation

If you look around then you will find that there are more content creators on TikTok as compared to YouTubers.

The reason is simple – the entry barrier is low for TikTok. I know that because I am a content marketer on both platforms.

What do you need to make content on TikTok?

A decent smartphone with a TikTok application and a profile on it. That’s it.
TikTok has its own filters, effects, editing tools, and even music.

What do you need to make content on YouTube?

Even if you go the simplest, you still need to learn video editing software. Then you need to learn YouTube SEO, thumbnail editing, etc. You also need to take care of strict YouTube policies, descriptions, tags, channel customization. How can we forget other things like end-screen and cards?

YouTube vs TikTok Content Videography

And copyright? This is the most hated thing for YouTubers. I hate it when I spend editing a video for 5 hours and then TSeries gives me a copyright claim.

Meanwhile, the whole concept of TikTok works on copyrighted music and lip-syncing.

In short, you need to take a hell lot of effort to create and upload a video on YouTube. Hence, not everyone can do it.

Winner: TikTok

2] Revenue

YouTubers might not get famous but they earn better than TikTokers. Period.

YouTube vs TikTok - How Content Creators Earn

How YouTubers Earn?

  1. AdSense Monetization
  2. Brand Sponsorships
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Selling Merchandise
  5. Live Super Chat
  6. Product Reviews

How TikTokers Earn?

  1. Brand Sponsorships
  2. Live Super Chat

So if you want to do something better in terms of revenue, become a YouTuber.

Winner: YouTube

3] Purpose

It is wrong to compare on this ground.

YouTube is primarily known as the second-largest Search Engine in the world. Whereas TikTok is originally a lip-syncing platform made for Entertainment.

There is a huge difference between both the platforms.

People mostly use TikTok for glamour, funny videos, entertainment, and for passing time. No one is there to learn anything except for a few people like us.
The purpose is to get entertained within a short span of a minute.

YouTube vs TikTok Influencer Marketing

Meanwhile, YouTube is meant for longer videos. No doubt, everything is present on YouTube but you tend to search and watch a video for tutorials.

People subscribe to their favorite creators for their content irrespective of their gender, glamour, or beauty. There are so many famous YouTubers who never revealed their faces.

4] Algorithms For Users

This is How TikTok Algorithms Work

From the moment you start using TikTok, it keeps feeding you with the trending videos. It seems there is simply no termination point or place to halt.

Unless you search something, videos keep on rolling. You don’t really have a choice if you are a passive consumer.

Most importantly this happens:

You get to see a new video and it is mostly a cringe video. You watch it completely because you are surprised at the height of idiocy and you want to laugh. Also, you possibly share on your Whatsapp saying, “Haha! Look how stupid he is!”

TikTok Algorithm thinks that you watched a video completely and even shared it. So the video must be good for your taste. Let’s show similar videos.

This is where the whole platform is judged to be cringe.

Pro Tip: Avoid consuming Indians on TikTok, the platform is good.

Double Pro Tip: Visit a few great creators in your topic of interest, like their videos and follow them. Like a few other videos in those categories. Your feed will be awesome.

PS: My TikTok feed is highly educational and productive to consume, wanna believe it?

This is How YouTube Algorithms Work

How YouTube Algorithms Work

Even YouTube shows you according to your interests but the difference is that it does not keep you slapping with trending videos.

YouTube allows you to stay and have a look at your feed. It will only start playing the videos once you select one.

We all know how YouTube works so I would avoid it. Rather I will make a detailed analytical post on it separately.

Conclusion: Cringe content is on both the platforms but the only difference is that YouTube hides it if you don’t like it. Moreover, YouTube has more people who don’t support such content.

Manipulate your feed!

5] Important Things For Creators & Marketers

You cannot ignore the fact that 1.5 Billion people are present on TikTok. That’s indeed a huge amount of audience.

Even Facebook and Google are unable to ignore this and hence coming with alternative platforms Lasso and Tangi respectively.

It won’t remain TikTok vs YouTube in the upcoming years.

What I have observed can be controversial and hard to digest but let’s face it.

Audience on TikTok

TikTok Content Creators

1) TikTok has a huge audience of non-intellectual people who love spending time by lazing around and living in the empires of dreams.

Firstly, trending videos, creators, and the dominance of popular videos show it all.
Secondly, look at the comment section of educational and slightly informative videos. You will find people with silly doubts that can be Googled easily.

2) TikTok has a greater audience coming from tier-2 and tier-3 cities that particularly means rural areas.

You won’t find many content creators or even consumers from metropolitan cities.

It’s pretty obvious but let’s not talk about it. Let’s consume this fact and move on.

[Scroll Report: A majority of TikTok’s users in India come from tier-2 and tier-3 cities]

3) TikTok has great dominance among the non-creamy layer of society.

I have seen cab drivers, watchmen, vegetable vendors, and even scrap collectors watching TikTok.

Ever wondered why CMO of Maharashtra, BMC, WHO, and others came on TikTok? This is the exact reason!

[Quartz India Report: Approximately 52% of TikTok users earn less than $350 per month]

4) TikTok is more popular among the teenagers

41% of the TikTok users come under the age of 16-24 and that forms a very young demographic.

For brands and businesses, it is important to understand that this audience has negligible purchasing power.

If you are aiming to sell products using TikTok then you might fail in doing so.

You can definitely use TikTok for brand awareness campaigns.

[Oberlo Report: TikTok Conquers The Teens]

TikTok User Base Has Teenagers

Organic Reach

This is true because of the size of the videos. Let’s say there are 10 YouTubers making a video of 10 minutes each.

The total size of YouTube videos?
10 x 10 = 100 minutes

On the other hand, if there are 10 TikTokers making a video of 1 minute each.

The total size of TikTok videos?
1 x 10 = 10 minutes

Hence the audience takes more time to consume YouTubers as compared to TikTokers. Hence, every TikToker gets some of the views but YouTubers struggle hard to get the eyeballs.

Important For Advertisers – CPMs on TikTok Are Less

Advertising spends and costs depend on competitor advertisers. Since fewer brands are present on TikTok, CPMs (Cost Per Mille) are bound to be less.

I have not personally tested any ads on TikTok yet but sources say that CPM goes till $10 as compared to average CPM of $20 on YouTube.

I’ll soon test TikTok ads and update with the stats.

Important For Creators – You Need To Be Unique & Good Looking

Shocked at my statement?

Well, I didn’t say that.

TikTok published guidelines for its moderators to not promote ugly, poor, and disabled creators. Reason? Because the video will be less attractive to the new users.

Reports from the leaked documents, show that they ban people who have an ‘abnormal body shape’ such as a ‘beer belly’ or ‘ugly facial looks’ such as ‘too many wrinkles.’

[Refer Verge Report: TikTok guidelines said not to promote posts by ugly and poor users]

This news surfaced for a while and disappeared soon.

I am surprised that Indians didn’t take any offense as they did during the Snapchat controversy.

This is a harsh truth but people indeed tend to love only attractive people.

I even happened to ask the reason for using TikTok to a few middle-aged people. Their reason was – Bootyful Galzz!! 😉

What kind of videos work well on TikTok?

I have seen videos with magical tricks, art, hacks, quick tutorials, dance, lip-syncing, and even comedy videos work really well.

Basically TikTok is a great platform for artists and entertainers.

Biggest Difference Between YouTube & TikTok

The reason why I love YouTube – The Great Search Option!

YouTube Search Option

If I want to watch Despacito song at any given moment of time, I can search it out and watch.

Best part? I can search for anything like Dispositio, Luis Fonsi, Depacito Song, or literally any search term with all kinds of spelling mistakes. YouTube will still understand me and deliver me the right thing.

On the other hand, this is simply impossible on TikTok or any social media platform.

Sure, you can search users, hashtags, sounds, filters, and even videos by their titles. But make a mistake in the spelling and you are lost in the ocean.

Moreover, I can’t find my favorite creator’s 6-month-old TikTok video in any way.


Finally, this TikTok vs YouTube drama was far fetched without any reason. People are anyway going to consume both.

Interestingly none of them belong to us. One of them comes from China while the other comes from the USA.

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Also, we don’t need to troll a specific community. After all both the creators are working hard and probably doing better than us.

It’s you who needs to manipulate the algorithms and exploit the platform for the best of your interest. Learn it.

Let me know if you consume TikTok.


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