Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded?

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded? I’ll not say anything about the people forward them blindly. We will cover them in the next upcoming posts. They are the educated illiterates who can be targeted and made fool of easily. No comments.

Why do some people create and circulate Whatsapp Fakes Messages?

Well, there are various motives behind the same.

7 Types of Malware that might be present on your device - Pritesh Pawar
7 Types of Malware that might be present on your device


Some people create these messages just for the sake of jealousy and hatred towards a group or company. Whenever a business or a political party proves to be a threat to someone, it is really easy to create a hoax against someone and spread it via social media. No one can track where these messages originate.

Cancer infected blood has been mixed by an employee in a Pepsi factory.

Also, Telegram is an ISIS app which tracks your complete chat and data of the phone.


There have been so many Whatsapp messages that direct you to a particular website or insist you download an application. This eventually adds heavy traffic on their websites because of people visiting them. They make so much money due to these spam messages. These people earn from advertisements that appear on their websites or apps.

Whatsapp CEO has personally said that if you don’t install Gold/Silver/Blue or any colored Whatsapp, your Whatsapp account will be terminated. Because Whatsapp CEO has no other work to do.

Hi, I am XYZ and I suffer from cancer. I died yesterday. Please send Rs XXX to my account.


These are the messages which get huge attention for a particular period of time due to the hot topic. Some guy, out of boredom, hears somewhere about something and makes a long message to attract the attention in a group by adding extra stuff to it.

New currency notes will have GPS chips in it. Wow! Even Nokia 3310 doesn’t support GPS!

If you have DP on Whatsapp please remove because hackers are stealing your pictures. I guess that hacker is my own friend.

Bored Pandas

Some people have so much extra time with them that they make any random message and won’t ever forget to add that last emotional line ‘forward this otherwise you’ll get bad luck. Some even mislead in the medical terms while suggesting the wrong techniques and hacks.

Send this message to 20 people and you’ll get rich soon. Now I realized how Bill Gates got so rich! Sigh!

Send this message to 50 people and see the magic. Here, ISRO is reaching Mars and we still want to see magic on Whatsapp.

Why do they choose Whatsapp and Facebook?

Because they have the largest user base in the world. Which means more traffic and more foolish people. Simple.

So, please don’t blindly trust the messages on Facebook and Whatsapp. Search on the internet and then decide what is true and false. Also, stop circulating such Whatsapp Fake Messages.

We will discuss how exactly we need to verify facts. For that, stay tuned.

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