Top 4 Booming Social Media Platforms

Which are the booming social media platforms in upcoming days? Saying about the shorter duration, it is being clear that WhatsApp will be the strongest social media and Twitter might become the weakest in the mentioned race in the upcoming years.

Booming Social Media Platforms

Booming Social Media platforms on by Pritesh Pawar
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There is a time period of every trend and it seems that Facebook is losing its market day by day. Once, Facebook made a boom after Orkut and it could hold its impact for a very long time. However, quality has steeply declined recently and nothing interesting is left after the Whatsapp connection.

Hence, most active users started declining and it became a platform for the older generation now.


Everyone is aware of the loss being faced by Twitter and many of its internal problems. The company is facing so many problems and losses that no one is even ready to buy Twitter. How can they concentrate on improving quality? Moreover, no measures are taken against abusive content.

Nowadays, most people use Twitter just to get updates from their favorite celebrities. Even that has been replaced by Snapchat and Instagram.


This platform has taken a steep flight among the young generation and preferably youth. Everything is systematic and user-friendly. Mark Zuckerberg seems to concentrate more on Instagram because Facebook is already sinking and Whatsapp doesn’t need any major updates.

As the young generation is more inclined towards Instagram, upcoming years seem to be dominated by Instagram. Youth is the future.


Does it even need any explanation? It is also clear that your mother, father, grandparents, siblings, milkman and even shop retailers are using Whatsapp. Also, Whatsapp is a major platform for businesses and education. It plays all the roles – Instant messaging and networking as well.

Everyone uses Whatsapp because everyone uses Whatsapp. Simple.

This is not a condition far from now. So, any reformation can change the stats in the upcoming years. Also, let me know which social media do you use most frequently and least frequently. Let’s analyze here itself.


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