Use Google Search Bar More Effectively

People say that Google has every answer. It is partially true but it depends on how the person uses Google. How will you use the Google Search Bar more effectively?

Did you know that Googling is also an essential skill that many companies care for? It is not just about searching. But, it is about extracting the right thing from Google.

Here are some tips that you can use while making a Google Search:

1] “Insert Exact Words in Apostrophes”

Most of the times we require general information and we use Google for that. But what if you need some exact keywords in a particular way?

For instance, I need a famous book from the Harry Potter series named Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. So, I will search like this in apostrophes:

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

This will make sure that Google won’t mix up the keywords and provide you answers related to the complete string only.

2] Use of Minus Sign to remove unwanted results

Sometimes we are desperately searching for some information related to something. But several results come up which contain irrelevant information as well.

What now? Simply insert the keywords which you are looking for and subtract the thing which you don’t want to see.

For instance, I don’t want Google to search for a page of Apple where they mentioned about laptops. You will insert something like this:

Apple -laptop

3] site: Any Website

Let’s say you want to search for all the pages where my website has mentioned about Samsung. You will probably insert ‘Pritesh Pawar Samsung’ on Google. Chances are there that you will be shown with all my social media links like Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Be smarter, search like this to get every page from a particular website only: Samsung

Use a colon. It is important. In this way, all the pages on my website will be listed where Samsung is mentioned.

I mentioned this in my previous article as well. If you missed it, here is the link: 8 Ways to detect Fake Websites

4] filetype:xyz Any Topic

Dear students, thank me for this later. I bet this will be a lifesaver for your college projects and assignments.

Let us consider that you need a PowerPoint Presentation or a PDF file of a particular topic. We will suppose that you need that for a topic named ‘5G Mobile Network’

Google it like this:

filetype:pdf 5G Mobile Network

filetype:ppt 5G Mobile Network

All the PDFs and PPTs are ready for you! You’re welcome.

5] indexof: Any Movie/Series/Books

Are you fond of downloading movies, series or books? Then there is a trick for you. This trick works flawlessly and downloading is completely free.

This is how you need to write on Google for searching:

indexof: Phir Hera Pheri

You will get a list where you can download the movie easily. Mind that, it is not always available. Obviously, you won’t get the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.

These were merely some tips to search for stuff in a better way on Google. This is not the end though. I am making the second part of this blog post soon.

I hope now you know to use the Google Search Bar more effectively.

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Stay tuned.


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