I Tested 19+ Online Platforms And Here Are My Insights

Every business and person has to be on some online platforms to get recognition in today’s era. Without a social presence, it is almost impossible to explore more opportunities.

I literally tested out more than 19 platforms for more than a year to understand them practically.

Today, I am sharing a few insights with you.
[Caution: 4000+ words = Might take 30+ minutes to read]

Chinese Apps Banned & #BoycottChina | My Opinions

I have never directly mentioned to boycott Chinese apps or avoid using Chinese smartphones.
But in this case of Chinese apps – this was a necessary step to ban.
However, people are rejoicing for the wrong reasons. Here are the real issues and my opinions on that.

Non-Chinese Alternatives For Popular Chinese Apps

We started searching for all the non-Chinese alternatives for popular Chinese apps. This started with the recent viral app that removes Chinese Apps from your phone.
I am compiling a list here and I am trying to give open-source alternatives more.
I hope you find this helpful after the Swachhata Abhiyaan on your smartphone.

YouTube vs TikTok – Things You Should Know

If you are even slightly active on social media then you must be already knowing about the famous YouTube vs TikTok battle.
Now being a Digital Marketer, I have more people in my connection who are interested in the same stream.
For us, it is very important to understand both the platforms. So, let’s talk about the main point now.

Instagram Reels – Why is Facebook Competing TikTok?

TikTok is booming right now. So Facebook is bringing its own video-sharing platform called Lasso App.
TikTok is a trash app made for not-so-sober people, right? Wrong.
It is indeed becoming a favorite platform for brands, educators and marketers.
Lasso App owned by Facebook will give a tough competition to TikTok