Will Vodafone Idea Shut Down? [Detailed Analysis]

Looking at the current scenario in the Telecom industry of India, I am wondering whether Vodafone Idea will shut down?

The condition of all telecom operators is bad, very bad. The industry is bleeding.

If we keep proceeding by this pace then we can’t even dream of 5G for the next 2 years.

We might face several ill-effects because of the AGR issues and I am going to tell how this will affect the industry.

Technology Trends 2019 – All That Happened Digitally

2019 was full of ups and downs. From ISRO’s spectacular success to the highest number of Internet bans, we had our spicy moments. We got the best smartphones while we also got some amazing games.
Some social media trends died in a few weeks while some memes are still making us laugh. A random egg became the most-liked image while another YouTube video became the most disliked video.