Mobile Recharge Plans – Jio, Airtel & VI [October 2021]

Do you remember those days in 2015 when we used to recharge Rs 300 per month? Well, we are back to that stage. Mobile recharge plans cost you the same now.
However, there is a huge confusion – which plans should you go for?
I have churned the data for you.

Data is Exhausting Faster? Here are 10 Data Saving Tips

I can see a buzz on several social media platforms that their data is exhausting faster without using much of it.
This complaint is particularly coming from Jio users.
I won’t say this particularly comes from Jio but since the download speed of Jio is higher than other operators, Jio is more vulnerable to this issue.
Of course, it depends on the speed that you get. If you are getting low speeds then your data is never going to exhaust even after downloading files for the whole day.

What is AGR in Telecom Industry? [Easiest Explanation]

If you are a part of our Whatsapp group then you might have noticed one update for sure. Telecom operators are facing heavy losses because of AGR! So, what is AGR? Why is every operator including Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio, and other dead players are so severely affected by this? I realized that the AGR is … Read more