Detect Fake Websites ~ 8 Ways To Identify

“Spin this wheel and claim an iPhone. Also, share this link to your 20 friends”
I am sure most of you have received such messages on Whatsapp and some might have even tried using these tricks. But did you get anything?
So, here are the 8 ways to detect fake websites.

10 Things to check for fighting Fake News

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Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded?

Pritesh Pawar Fake news

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded? I’ll not say anything about the people forward them blindly. We will cover them in the next upcoming posts. They are the educated illiterates who can be targeted and made fool of easily. No comments. Why do some people create and circulate Whatsapp Fakes Messages? Well, there are various … Read more