Why Smartphones Use Multiple Cameras?

6 major types of smartphone cameras:
1] Standard Camera
2] Depth sensor Camera
3] Ultra-wide Sensor Camera
4] Telephoto Sensor Camera
5] Macro Sensor Camera
6] Monochrome Sensor Camera
Know about their uses

8 Contributions by SONY Corporation That You Don’t Know

SONY was almost dead in the smartphone manufacturing segment in 2019. At least, that is what we all have noticed. But what if I tell you about all the major contributions by SONY Corporation?
Not only it brought some cool products but it innovated tremendously over these years.

What is a Camera Sensor? Phone & DSLR Difference

Recently I posted a blog post where I mentioned why a smartphone camera can never replace a DSLR camera. Also, I mentioned that a camera sensor plays a huge role in a camera. So, what is a camera sensor?
In this post, I am covering the same Camera Sensor in detail using the most layman language. I know you are never going to forget this analogy of Indian Thali.
Any foodies here?