Internet Service Providers – Local ISP vs National ISP

Almost every State Government is asking companies to make their employees work from home because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Amid the chaos, people are rushing towards the Internet Service Providers.

But then comes the confusion – which Internet Service should you go for?

Jio Gigafiber and 10 Highlights You Should Know

Ambanis are back with another blast of Jio launch event and Jio Gigafiber was one of the important products. When the brand is Jio, one can be pretty sure that the cost will be reasonable.
The Jio Gigafiber will be commercially available from 5th September which is also marked to be the 3rd Anniversary of Jio.
But what exactly is Jio Gigafiber and what is it offering? Also, what other announcements did Reliance make? Let’s check out.