PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile – Which is Better?

It’s been almost a year for me playing PUBG Mobile when a new competition COD mobile has arrived. So, considering PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile, which is better?

I played COD mobile for merely a week but it was enough to understand the gaming experience and compare it with PUBG mobile.

Let me clarify that these are my individual opinions based on my gaming experience. They can differ from you or someone else. So, you might have some different review and there is nothing wrong with that.

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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile ~ Factors

1] Concept

Whenever we imagine guns, the first things that come to our mind are soldiers and terrorists.

This makes Call of Duty not so different. This was something expected because its parent game Call of Duty was based on the same concept.

However, PUBG has a great concept with battle royale where normal unarmed and naked people are dropped on an island to fight with each other.

Image result for pubg mobile gameplay wallpaper
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile

Personally, I liked the concept of PUBG and the same opinion goes for PUBG Mobile.

2] Graphics

I found that the graphics of PUBG mobile were not so great if we compare them to COD Mobile.

It’s not the fact that PUBG mobile has bad graphics but COD Mobile seems more realistic.

Image result for cod mobile gameplay wallpaper
Call of Duty (COD) Mobile

The movements are smoother, the objects have better frames per second and obviously, clarity is better.

3] Controls

COD Mobile gives you easier controls as compared to PUBG Mobile.

For instance, you need to open your scope and shoot separately in PUBGM which means you have to be very skillful in your reflexes. Meanwhile, CODM has single control over scope and shoot which becomes easier.

This was just an example. In short, PUBGM challenges you more to showcase your skills and controls.

4] Size

The clear winner here is CODM because it roughly makes up 1.4 GB even after installing with all the packages.

However, PUBGM inflates to almost 2 GB after complete unpackaging.

Although, PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter version for low-end mobile phones.

Image result for pubg mobile lite vs pubg mobile
Image Credits: Tech Viral

But if we compare the original games, COD Mobile is lighter than PUBG Mobile.

5] Gameplay

  1. Bugs and Glitches – PUBG Mobile has always been full of bugs and glitches right from its launch. If you compare COD Mobile with it then CODM seems better right from its first version.
  2. Modes – PUBG Mobile has more modes than COD Mobile.
  3. Vehicles – There might be too many vehicles in PUBG Mobile but the presence of a helicopter in COD Mobile is an add-on. It dilutes the demand for other vehicle types. [Update: PUBGM added Helicopter as well]
  4. Skills – There are various military skills in CODM like rope climbing, jetpacks, etc but there are none in PUBGM.
Image result for cod helicopter
COD Mobile

I might not have played COD Mobile for long enough and also it is just the first version. With every update, they are going to improve.

For a better experience and comparison, we have a video clip of gameplay that shows the clear difference of PUBGM vs CODM

Let me know which game seems better.

PUBG Mobile Download Link: Google Playstore | iOS Appstore

Call of Duty Mobile Download Link: Google Playstore | iOS Appstore

It will be interesting to see whether Call of Duty Mobile will manage to uproot Player Unknown’s Battle Ground Mobile in India.

What do you think? Let me know.


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