Instagram Reels – Why is Facebook Competing TikTok?

TikTok is booming right now. So Facebook is bringing its own video-sharing platform called Instagram Reels.

TikTok is a trash app made for not-so-sober people, right? Wrong.

It is indeed becoming a favorite platform for brands, educators and marketers.

But what made Facebook insecure from a little controversial Chinese app? Facebook family is so huge that it does not even need to compete with TikTok by bringing Instagram Reels.

We all know how Facebook has always been dominating the social media industry for ages.

Orkut was a platform to connect your friends but Facebook ate it.

Instagram started growing as an image sharing platform then Facebook bought it.

While Whatsapp was emerging as a leader in Instant Messaging apps, Facebook bought it for $19 Billion.

Snapchat’s “Stories” feature was growing popular and Facebook copied it literally everywhere – Instagram, Whatsapp, and even Facebook.

Facebook has a policy: If you can not compete, just buy it.

So why not buy TikTok? We will discuss it later.

After the text, image and instant messaging, short video sharing platforms started booming. Instagram Reels is one of them.

About Instagram Reels

Do you know why TikTok got famous? Because of the three major reasons.

  1. It is Easy – Any person without any technical knowledge can shoot and edit the videos.
  2. Instant Fame – Due to the high organic growth on TikTok, it is easier to get viral. You can still get close to 20-100 views per video without a single follower.
  3. Short Videos – 30 seconds is the time limit. It means that every creator gets more exposure because the content is too short.

People love micro-content, especially where you don’t have to put your brains to read or understand for a long time.

Highlights of Instagram Reels

  1. Camera Tools and Effects – Similar to TikTok, Reels will be having various filters with effects to enhance the entertainers with their content.
  2. Music Library – Many stale and not-so-popular video songs got popular because of some TikTok videos. Lip-syncing is the specialty of this platform. How can Instagram Reels remain out of the game? Even it has a huge music playlist.
  3. Hashtags and Challenges – These seasonal challenges and hashtags things give quick exposure to content creators.
  4. Easy Sharing – Since Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram come from the same family, don’t you think Reels will give a seamless integration of sharing? 🙂

Moreover, Instagram is so crowded right now that it will never be able to provide organic growth like TikTok.

If you don’t like TikTok then it would be difficult for you to digest the same content on Instagram.

Hence, Reels is meant for micro-videos for a separate target audience.

Why is Facebook Competing TikTok using Instagram Reels?

You might be wondering whether it was even necessary to compete with TikTok?

Yes. It was necessary for Facebook to survive.

Here are some stats about TikTok.

Infographic for TikTok Stats 2020

Observe the second point in the above TikTok stats infographic.

29% Average Engagement ratio is crazy for any social media platform when the standard rate is around a 2% ratio.

This definitely proves that TikTok is not merely a trash application if used properly. It can be a huge branding platform for brands and companies.

This is the reason why many brands have jumped into the game of TikTok marketing. They are leveraging the organic reach and high engagements on TikTok for their branding.

Brands on TikTok for Marketing
Hopscotch Food Food Honor Oppo Zomato Chipotle Lays HP NBA Pepsi The Washington Post

Facebook aims for similar results from Instagram Reels.

Why Mark Zuckerberg didn’t buy TikTok?

If you remember, TikTok was before its acquisition by ByteDance.

Mark Zuckerberg has always been offensive about TikTok due to its Chinese ownership and younger audience. Now he seems to have realized that he underestimated the application.

Mark Zuckerberg later tried to acquire Chinese application but it became tough due to the rising tensions between China and the USA.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, check my blog post related to the Huawei ban in the USA.

[Must Read: Huawei ban and its impact | Detailed explanation]

Hence, another Chinese Internet company called ByteDance acquired and renamed it as TikTok.

TikTok has a valuation of $75 Billion now.

If the social media king Facebook felt the urge of taking TikTok seriously, you have no reason to ignore it.

TikTok For Learning: #EduTok

TikTok even invested heavily in its eLearning program #EduTok to clean its image as an entertainment platform.

Popular Categories on EduTok TikTok

#EduTok Campaign has currently 65 Billion viewers as per 15th January 2020. This is massive.

Popular categories in #EduTok are:

  1. Technology (#EduTokTech)
  2. Motivation (#EduTokMotivation)
  3. Language (#EduTokLanguage)
  4. Life Tips (#EduTokLifeTips)
  5. Career (#EduTokCareer)
  6. Health (#EduTokHealth)
  7. Maths (#EduTokMaths)

As I always say, social media platforms show you what you want to see. It’s up to you how you build your feed by manipulating the algorithm.

I can search and follow “hot porn videos” on Instagram or Facebook and complain that these platforms suck! It’s not the case.

Every platform is good. It’s you who decides the content consumption!

Don’t believe me? Install the app now.

Try not to fall into the marsh of lip-syncs, challenges, dances, comedies, skits, and shit cringe-worthy content. Use it as a tool.

Test it out and then decide by yourself.


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