Hikeland: Watch YouTube With Remote Friends

We all love when our close friends recommend a song or a video that is related to mutual interests. However, Hike Messenger went one step ahead with the new Hikeland.

I already posted a separate article on an application that allows you to form groups and watch videos on the Internet. It’s RAVE App.

It allows you to watch YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and many more platforms.

[In case you missed it, here is the link: RAVE App]

However, there is one problem with Rave App – it’s UI is bad and slow.

What is Hikeland?

Hikeland is a feature on Hike Messenger that allows you to watch videos with your buddy or random strangers together. There are two options for now – Big Screen & Your Home.


Big Screen

Big Screen is a virtual theater where you share a video with the strangers. There are about 16 members along with you.

Big Screen does not allow you to watch videos as per your choice. It has some fixed shows at some fixed times. They are streaming it live.

If you missed some part, you have to watch it live without having any choice. Also, you cannot fast forward or skip any video. You have to comply with them. However, that is what brings the real feeling of a theatre.

Big Screen on Hike

When I was testing this feature, the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ was streaming and only 1 seat was empty. It was a houseful show!

Did I tell you another feature of Big Screen?

You can message and talk to strangers! You can even check out their interests and engage as per the common interests 😉

Before the single people get excited and dance around, this feature is completely optional. So, chances are high that you won’t find your lucky charm! 😛

Better focus on your movie!

Your Home

Your Home is a cozy place where you invite your friend and watch videos together.

The best part – you can choose your own living room. It might not be a very useful feature but it adds to the aroma and mood.

Hikeland Your Home

Once you and your buddy come inside, you can play any YouTube video and enjoy it together.

You can also chat while watching the videos and even call in between!

Kavin Bharti Mittal, the CEO of Hike Messenger tweeted and demonstrated this with a video.

Check it out. It will explain everything.

My Cents on Hikeland

I know that Hike Messenger was working on this feature for months. It took a lot of hard work.

The time of launch is great because of the lockdown. Since all theaters and hangouts with buddies have stopped altogether, this can be a great savior.

Especially for couples in long-distance relationships, this feature is simply a boon. Why only couples? Because it only supports one friend as of now.

There are a few limits for now but they are totally manageable and not even necessary. Just some extra features –

  1. Let the House invite a group of friends instead of a single friend
  2. Support more OTT platforms

I feel it is still the first version of the feature and it has already done an exceptional job. Cheers to the Hike Team!


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