Fake Alert: Save Yourself From Digital Coronavirus

Some people are actually innocent enough because they feel the presence of digital Coronavirus on the Internet to buy an antivirus.

Don’t believe me? Hey! I am not kidding.

According to Google Ads, 10-100 people are actually searching for such terms on a daily basis.

But not everyone on the Internet is so innocent. Hackers and criminals have already started taking undue advantage of the trend and panic. Moreover, fake news and wrong information is rapidly growing in the Internet.

Stay Away From These Things to Avoid Digital Coronavirus on the Internet

1) Coronavirus Detector Tool Kit

I literally laughed at the first sight of this tool kit but I realized soon that it is not funny.

Any ignorant person might actually fall into this trap.

Fake Coronavirus Detector Toolkit | Stay Safe From Digital Coronavirus

I am glad that Amazon removed this product as soon as it came into the notice.

Let me tell you that no such product exists yet. It’s better if you take guidance from a professional Doctor instead of becoming your own Doctor.

2) Phishing Emails

Where there is mass, there are hackers. People are getting numerous emails with similar templates to this:

“Book your appointment for Free Coronavirus Checkup. Sign up now”

“I am Dr. XYZ from the World Health Organization (WHO). Here are the symptoms of Coronavirus. Click here to know more”

Once a user clicks on that email, all the data is stolen from that user.

Avoid clicking on such emails because they are fake.

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3) Fake Advertisements

In our ad network, we are rigorously blocking the ads that are claiming to cure Coronavirus.

Products like medicines, oil, pills, handwash, etc are being advertised specifically for coronavirus.

Fake Coronavirus Ads

Kindly note that there is no cure or treatment for Coronavirus yet. Some pharmacy companies might claim to cure it by their medicines but it is not true.

Some companies are going to the extent that they are running ad campaigns on Google to sell their fake products.

Avoid clicking on such ads.

TechCrunch Report: Fortunately, Facebook banned Face mask ads and products related to Coronavirus on its platform.

4) Whatsapp Forwards

You get a Whatsapp forward, you read it and end up being afraid. Then you forward it again.

This is pretty natural because you don’t want your close and dear ones to miss the ‘important’ news.

However, you are doing more harm than good.

Kindly research on your own so that you will genuinely help people in your network rather than spreading the rumors.

I have already written about identifying the fake news so I am attaching it here. Kindly read it.

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5) TikTokers or YouTubers For This Topic

The majority of the videos that I saw on Whatsapp come from TikTok.

C’mon Tiktokers and YouTubers, don’t try to be an expert on a niche that you are not even aware of! Merely reading a blog and presenting it in the 60-second video might fetch you some instant followers but that is not worth the price of wrong information.

Videos saying alcohol, cow dung, weed, cigarettes, sunburn, cement, etc can save you from Coronavirus have no base whatsoever.

They are hitting the right nerve of your obsession and you are sharing it because it is something that you hoped and liked.

6) Masks

Contrary to popular belief, masks do not save you from Coronavirus.

But people are panicking to an extent that normal masks are not available in the market which is even hampering the regular hospitals and surgeons.

Finally, the US Surgeon General had to tweet this to make people aware of reality.


To clarify this point, Thomas Talhelm did a pretty good job of writing a detailed and well-researched article on this issue. You will find that article here:

Answer to Are N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission of the coronavirus? by @ThomasTalhelm

It is More Important To Curb Digital Coronavirus

I personally feel that we have too much information now.

Most of the people are unable to handle the amount of information and knowledge they are getting from social media.

Even Tuberculosis has a similar spreading capacity and is more deadly than Coronavirus. But did we ever cared to wear a mask or take measures?

So, it’s the panic that is killing more than the actual virus.

Kindly control it and share this post with more people so that people can get awareness and education.

  1. Stay away from Coronavirus Detector Tool Kit – visit a Doctor instead
  2. Avoid clicking on Phishing emails
  3. Don’t click on such Ads and links that you get to see
  4. Don’t share the Whatsapp forwards absent mindedly
  5. Follow credible sources and not some Youtubers or Tiktokers

Stay safe, take care and share with your beloved people.


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