Corona Kavach App – Find COVID-19 Patients Around You

The Government of India not only announced the complete lockdown of the country but also launched Corona Kavach App.

I am impressed that they felt the need to take digital actions as well. From the live status dashboard to this location-based app – give some sense of hope.

Who made this App? The Ministry behind the development is the National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW).

Corona Kavach App Welcome Page

This app is still in the beta stage and not launched publicly but let’s understand what it does. This application lets you know the COVID-19 patients around you.

Corona Kavach App Overview

Talking about the name – Corona denotes the pandemic source Coronavirus and Kavach means Armor. An armor that protects you from the attacks of Coronavirus; this might be the logic behind the nomenclature of this app.

Logging in

As soon as you enter the app, you will find a welcome screen with a transition that asks your mobile number. This mobile number is your only login ID.

Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive an OTP on your number. Enter that OTP and you will get access to the app.

App For Coronavirus

No, you cannot enter without this step. You don’t need to put your name, age or other personal details though.

Also, it is necessary to give your location access because that is how the whole app works. It tracks the patients as well as your location using GPS.

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Once you are done with the fundamental setup, you will get to see the home screen.

You will get multiple stats on your homepages such as number of active cases, number of cured cases, deaths and the number of passengers screened at the airport.

Since the stats come from the Government’s database, it will always match the official data figures.

You will find a button at the bottom of the app. That analyses the cases around you.

Corona Kavach App Homepage

Also, you will notice on the top of the screen that code is present.

Code Green means you are absolutely safe. Likewise, yellow is for quarantine, orange means you need to see a doctor. While the red means you are infected by COVID-19.


There is an option if you check at the bottom corner. It asks you to upload something.

I honestly didn’t understand what it asks to upload nor did I find any clarification. It’s a mystery.

But I guess it is for those people who will be tracked after getting a checkup from the Doctor.

The app is still under the beta stage and the actual App will reveal what it exactly means!


Under options, there are two buttons. One of them is a breathing exercise for you. It’s good if you want to try it.

But the second option is more important – Questionnaire.

Coronavirus Questionnaire

It asks all about your history which will tell the app whether you are safe or need any medical action.

That’s it for the app. It is a simple app with simple UI.

Now let’s talk about what I think about this app.

My Opinions on Corona Kavach App

The UI is pretty good and any user will understand the application in one single use.

I liked the efforts for building this app but there are some loopholes for now.

  1. The questionnaire and cases are solely dependant on the honesty of the answerer. This is India where people run away from quarantine. Can they be honest while answering the questions?
  2. What if the infected cases not at all install this app? The app will never tell you that an infected person is around you unless he/she has installed it and filled the details correctly.

There are a few solutions for increasing the efficiency of this application.

  1. Make it compulsory for everyone to install this app and update the correct information.
  2. If someone is found putting wrong information, penalize the person heavily because it is a matter of national security.
  3. Infected people are to be given a device with a location tracker so that the poor people without a mobile device are not left out. If someone puts it in one place and roams around, it is still easy to track the no-motion or uniform motion.

Much scope to implement.

For now, this App is only available for Android now but it will be soon available to iOS users as well.

Download Link For Android Users

Install this app and check for yourself. Thumbs up from my side for coming up with this idea.

Let me know what you think about this App.


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