What is a Camera Sensor? Phone & DSLR Difference

Recently I posted a blog post where I mentioned why a smartphone camera can never replace a DSLR camera. Also, I mentioned that a camera sensor plays a huge role in a camera. So, what is a camera sensor?
In this post, I am covering the same Camera Sensor in detail using the most layman language. I know you are never going to forget this analogy of Indian Thali.
Any foodies here?

Do I need a DSLR? DSLR vs Smartphone Camera

“Do I need a DSLR?”
“Which is the best DSLR under Rs XXXXX?”
And so on. These questions are so common that Google gets more than 10k search queries per month for the exact same string of words.
Also, smartphones are progressing so much in recent years that people think DSLRs will be succeeded by smartphones.
No, my dear friend, DSLR is not going anywhere so soon. It will always maintain a unique place in the world of photography and videography. Let’s compare them!

Camera Quality – Is Megapixel Everything?

Here comes the Redmi with 48 Megapixel camera. Wait, what? Realme offering 64 Megapixel camera? Is the camera quality that good?
Not limited to 64 Megapixel but we even have a 100 MP camera which is coming very soon. Though we don’t know which phone will be the one to implement it first. But you get the point.
But why is this megapixel race? Are there no other important components when it comes to camera quality?

Phone Hang? 5 Reasons Why A Smartphone Slows Down

“No wonder which smartphone I buy, my usage pattern will make my phone hang,” said my friend. This guy bought the latest flagship phone which should ideally last for around 3 years.

Even we try to make our phones last for 2-3 years without facing any sluggish behavior. After all, we have invested our hard-earned money. But it doesn’t happen.

Why is it that even premium flagship phones start slowing down after 2 years of spontaneous usage? In short, phone hang is bound to happen. But what are the reasons?

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI?

Are you tired of hearing that automation will replace jobs? You might be wondering which jobs will be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Or what automation can exactly do?
So, let’s talk about some jobs or industries where AI will take over much sooner.

Tips For Saving Battery of a Smartphone

Mobile phones have been increasing camera pixels, storage capacity, RAM, etc but why batteries are not made efficient? I’ll obviously provide a few tips for saving battery but this question is pretty legit.
The companies are trying to provide you more and more battery life but still, you face shortage some times.
I’ll tell you a few ways to preserve your battery for a slightly longer duration.

What is Mission Shakti? Why is it important?

Yesterday, on 27th March 2019, India became the 4th member of Space Elite Group. So what is Mission Shakti and what is its significance? What is Mission Shakti and what is Anti-Satellite missile launched by India? DRDO and the Indian Government carried out a mission. It was named as Mission Shakti. DRDO stands for Defense … Read more