5G in India | Is It Impractical in India?

We have been living with 2G then 3G and now 4G. It might take some time for experiencing 5G in India. However, it is a bit impractical in India if we try to implement it on the existing technology.
Rather than waiting, buy any good 4G smartphone for now. If you get 5G smartphone in your budget then take it as a bonus point.
Here are some reasons why!

Phones With Removable Battery Is No More A Reality!

Most of the smartphone companies don’t provide removable batteries now. Almost all of them seal the batteries that you can’t remove on your own. Smartphones with removable batteries no more seem to be real now.

What was the reason that phone companies had to shift towards non-removable batteries?

Deep Web, Dark Web, TOR & Myths Around Them

In the last article, we came to know how the authorities, Police, and Government exactly track us on the Internet.
However, not everyone is comfortable if someone is tracking them for no reason. So we came up with a solution of VPN.
Now, the problem with VPN was that police can still track if they ask your details to the VPN company.
So, the TOR community took birth for ultimate anonymity

How Exactly Can Police Track Your Address?

“Daya, location ka pata lagao”
“Yes, Sir”
After a few seconds: “Sir, the target is behind Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow”
Daya and ACP reach the exact house and slam the door of the criminal. Meanwhile, Daya slaps and the chair starts rotating in the CID headquarters.
Setting aside the famous CID and Bollywood movies, is it really possible to find the exact location of someone? If yes, then how?

This Is How Google Maps Works

There was a time when we had atlases, globes or paper maps for studying the maps of a particular area. If we had to travel somewhere, we used to rely on the local people who would help you navigate to the location.
But not anymore. For travelers, Google Maps is a blessing in today’s world. Each and every person with an active Internet and a decent device can easily find out the locations accurately.
So, the question is, how Google maps exactly works? How does it indicate the exact pinpoint location of a particular place? Here’s an easy explanation!

Can I Remain Anonymous by Using Incognito, VPN, or TOR?

Meanwhile, Daya and ACP reach the exact house and slam the door of the criminal. Daya slaps and the chair starts rotating in the CID headquarters. The criminal had no idea about Incognito, TOR or VPN.
This time CID team caught him using his IP Address.
That dumb fellow was using Incognito mode to hide while doing criminal activities.
People think that using Incognito mode, VPN, or TOR browser will hide them completely from the monitoring agencies like Internet Service Provider (ISPs), Police, or even Government. Is it?

How Truecaller Works? Facts That You Cannot Ignore

No. Truecaller is not a Chinese but a Swedish company. Many people were hopeful about banning Truecaller as India banned hundreds of Apps.
Even the way how Truecaller works is so concerning that most of the tech-savvy people look it as an epicenter of data privacy invasion.
Reason? It doesn’t matter whether you are using that app or never installed it to date. Your data is with them and you simply cannot do anything about it.

Meet Virtual Model Imma & CGI Based Artificial Models

Meet this gorgeous lady Imma, who is a virtual model. You might have seen her in multiple magazines, advertisements, and photo-shoots.

But she’s not a human.
Umm… wait, what?

Yeah I mentioned in the first line that she’s a virtual model, literally.