Why Did Tesla Cyber Truck’s Glass Break?

There is hardly anyone now who is unaware of the recent Tesla Cyber Truck’s launch.
Especially after the incident when Tesla CEO Elon Musk was proudly boasting about the armored glass. But it broke while testing – right at the launch event.

8 Contributions by SONY Corporation That You Don’t Know

SONY was almost dead in the smartphone manufacturing segment in 2019. At least, that is what we all have noticed. But what if I tell you about all the major contributions by SONY Corporation?
Not only it brought some cool products but it innovated tremendously over these years.

Uber Driver Understands Uber Algorithm For His Benefits

Our company was running short of cabs and they booked an Uber cab for me. I usually converse with all of the cab drivers they have lots to share from their experiences. Plus why not gather some knowledge in the cab instead of simply scrolling on a smartphone?

However, that day’s conversation was more detailed and he was happy to share his experiences.

Why is Jio Charging For Calls? | What is IUC?

Jio recently started charging for outgoing calls and there is a sense of rage among Jio users. What is IUC and why is Jio charging for calls now?
Being a Jio user, I know you got too many questions. Even I had them and finally, I am here with all the research to your questions. But before that, let’s find out the background story.

Shot on iPhone | Are iPhone Commercials Real?

iPhone has always been heavily advertising its camera quality which is indeed unbeatable as compared to other phones. Their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign is indeed famous.
But is it really the way it looks? Do iPhones really capture such flawless photographs or videos?
Here is the reality.

OEM vs ODM – What is the Difference [Story Time]

Technically, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Similarly, ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. But what exactly is the difference between OEM and ODM?
The concept of ODM & OEM is based upon the electronics industry and their manufacturing. I’ll tell you a fictional story to explain in an easy way

Why Xiaomi launched POCO? Brand War – Xiaomi vs BBK

Why Xiaomi launched POCO as a new sub-brand when it was running a great business? After all, it had two segments called MI and Redmi.
This is a brand war between Xiaomi and BBK. Let’s divide this war into two teams – BBK team and Xiaomi team.

Huawei ban and its impact | Detailed explanation

Rags to reaches stories are abundant on the internet where a poor person turns into a millionaire. But how can a global smartphone leader like Huawei which ranked 2nd in the market share after Samsung get doomed overnight?
This is a huge news in the tech-industry. But how did it happen?