Hotstar Market Share Troubling Netflix & Prime in India

While the craze for Amazon Prime and Netflix is rising among the youth day by day, we still got a report that says Hotstar has the biggest Market Share in India.
According to Forbes, Hotstar has 29% of share followed by Amazon Prime with 10% and Netflix with a share of 5% in Indian OTT Market.

Chinese Alternatives To Popular Apps And Websites

Do you know China is not only ruling the Indian market with hardware and daily items but it is also strongly ruling us in the software market?
The world is using all their electronic gadgets and software. Meanwhile, China doesn’t use Google or YouTube like us.

Why Can’t We Manufacture Mobile Phones in India?

“China is a shitty country and we need to ban all Chinese products. We anyway manufacture mobile phones in India,” a person said while typing on a Redmi smartphone.
Just because it was written on his smartphone that it is ‘Made in India’, is it really made in India?

Internet Service Providers – Local ISP vs National ISP

Almost every State Government is asking companies to make their employees work from home because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Amid the chaos, people are rushing towards the Internet Service Providers.

But then comes the confusion – which Internet Service should you go for?

Will Vodafone Idea Shut Down? [Detailed Analysis]

Looking at the current scenario in the Telecom industry of India, I am wondering whether Vodafone Idea will shut down?

The condition of all telecom operators is bad, very bad. The industry is bleeding.

If we keep proceeding by this pace then we can’t even dream of 5G for the next 2 years.

We might face several ill-effects because of the AGR issues and I am going to tell how this will affect the industry.

Why Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?

Microsoft knows that 91% of the Indian PCs are running with pirated Windows. Everyone knows it. Then why does Microsoft Allows Piracy in India?
There’s a smart business strategy behind this move. While Indian teenagers keep thinking that they are fooling a global tech giant, Microsoft is having a long-distance vision.

What is AGR in Telecom Industry? [Easiest Explanation]

If you are a part of our Whatsapp group then you might have noticed one update for sure. Telecom operators are facing heavy losses because of AGR! So, what is AGR? Why is every operator including Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio, and other dead players are so severely affected by this? I realized that the AGR is … Read more

Zomato Business Model – Why it Acquired Uber Eats?

Zomato is not only about being a platform to connect restaurants and consumers. It is more than that. Currently, Zomato is under heavy losses. It’s not a profitable business yet.
Then how is it getting money to survive and even acquire its competitors like Uber Eats?
Why am I covering this topic? Because it is an excellent example of a Foodtech startup.