24 Smartphone Myths Debunked That Are Not True

There are more than 5.11 Billion smartphone users globally. This counts to be around 45.04% of the world population. More new smartphone users lead to more myths.
Not only the new users but I have seen regular users having some myths. So here is a complete collection of smartphone myths. Let’s debunk them one by one.

Deep Web, Dark Web, TOR & Myths Around Them

In the last article, we came to know how the authorities, Police, and Government exactly track us on the Internet.
However, not everyone is comfortable if someone is tracking them for no reason. So we came up with a solution of VPN.
Now, the problem with VPN was that police can still track if they ask your details to the VPN company.
So, the TOR community took birth for ultimate anonymity

Free Basket of Cadbury Chocolates – What is the Truth?

Cadbury is giving away 1500 Free basket of Cadbury Chocolates to celebrate its Anniversary. Get your free basket at <>

Many of you might have already received this message on Whatsapp.

However, how will you exactly get these baskets of Cadbury chocolate? Will you even get one or not?
Find out now!

Can Mobile Phones cause Fire at Fuel Stations?

We have been receiving hundreds of videos where a petrol pump catches fire because someone was using a mobile phone. There are some boards on such fuel stations saying, “Please switch off your phone”
However, most of us ignore that board and probably not even switch off the phone.
Contrarily, we use PayTM to make payments for our fuel.
So what is the reality?

10 Things to check for fighting Fake News

I recently received a message on Whatsapp praising highly of some political leaders. I became skeptical. Meanwhile, I quickly researched a bit and most of the facts were incorrect. So, how are you Fighting Fake News? The election season is all around. As a result, fake news and rumors are growing day by day with … Read more

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded?

Pritesh Pawar Fake news

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded? I’ll not say anything about the people forward them blindly. We will cover them in the next upcoming posts. They are the educated illiterates who can be targeted and made fool of easily. No comments. Why do some people create and circulate Whatsapp Fakes Messages? Well, there are various … Read more