7 Most Luxury Gadgets in the World

Electronic devices have always been a privilege for most of us. At times you might get envious because your colleague owns the most luxury gadgets.
What if I tell you that the latest iPhone or the latest Apple product is not the most expensive electronic device?

How Do Air Purifiers Work? Air Purifiers Under 10000 Rs

There will be a time when you will need to buy an Air Purifier. That day is not too far when every house will have an Air Purifier just like AC is a norm these days. But how do Air Purifiers work?

Android vs iOS – Which one is better?

Whenever people ask me whether to buy an iPhone or an Android phone, I ask about their usage pattern. When it comes to Android vs iOS game, it doesn’t really matter what you like. What matters is what you need and what they provide.
Both of the operating systems have their pros and cons and you need to understand that before making any purchase.
So, let’s compare it?

Apple Launch Event 2019 ~ Key Highlights

Apple launch event 2019 was the biggest tech event of 2019 and every tech-geek will manage to have a glance at this event.
This event always manages to grab most of the eyeballs towards it whether people like it or not. That’s the beauty of an Apple launch event. Memes have started rolling around and content creators are up with a new content idea. Yeah, I am also one of them.
When everyone is busy talking merely about an iPhone, we will cover the key highlights and launches in the event.

Notch to the in-display camera from Xiaomi and Oppo

Recently, Oppo and Xiaomi demonstrated in-display camera technology. These brands seem to be the most innovative brand. Can we officially expect this as an end of a notch-display era?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Highlights

Samsung is back with its another flagship phone in the Galaxy S lineup. Not one or two but Samsung has launched 3 premium phones in the S10 series. Models launched under S series in 2019:- Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Plus We will talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus model because it is … Read more