Entering Digital Marketing With Zero Investment

“Pritesh, I need help. How can I learn and enter into digital marketing?”

This is probably the most common question that I receive in my DMs as well as in person when I meet people. I can totally understand the reason.

Learning digital marketing is easy but getting results by consistently applying those skills is challenging.

Whatsapp Marketing For Businesses – My Insights Since 2019

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I Tested 19+ Online Platforms And Here Are My Insights

Every business and person has to be on some online platforms to get recognition in today’s era. Without a social presence, it is almost impossible to explore more opportunities.

I literally tested out more than 19 platforms for more than a year to understand them practically.

Today, I am sharing a few insights with you.
[Caution: 4000+ words = Might take 30+ minutes to read]

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org | Best Choice For You?

“What? We should build a WordPress website?” this comes from most of the people who don’t know that there are two different platforms.

This is my 8th website. Even I got confused in my initial days and I can completely understand that.

So why not understand it in a better way?

YouTube vs TikTok – Things You Should Know

If you are even slightly active on social media then you must be already knowing about the famous YouTube vs TikTok battle.
Now being a Digital Marketer, I have more people in my connection who are interested in the same stream.
For us, it is very important to understand both the platforms. So, let’s talk about the main point now.

Instagram Reels – Why is Facebook Competing TikTok?

TikTok is booming right now. So Facebook is bringing its own video-sharing platform called Lasso App.
TikTok is a trash app made for not-so-sober people, right? Wrong.
It is indeed becoming a favorite platform for brands, educators and marketers.
Lasso App owned by Facebook will give a tough competition to TikTok

6 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

“Pritesh, why don’t you put ads on your website? Don’t you want to make money with your website?”
“Sir I want to start a blogging website but how can I earn money? How much do you earn?”
These are the most common questions that I get literally everywhere. For them I only have one answer, “I have not planned anything yet. I don’t know about it.”
However, what if I tell you that there are many ways to monetize a website? Read this post till the end.

WordPress vs Custom Website – Which is better for you?

I can see dozens of misconceptions floating in the minds of people when it comes to website building. Wordpress vs custom website has always been a topic of debate.
“I hired an agency which was about to develop a custom website for my startup but it is not ranking on Google,” complained one of the startup founders. Finally, the website developer left the job in between.
“Sir, why don’t you make a custom HTML based website instead of a WordPress website?” asks one of my followers who has no idea about how websites work. That’s not his fault as well.
Know which one is better and which brands are using WordPress