Have I Been Pwned? Check Your Email Security Now

‘Have I Been Pwned’ is the oldest website that checks whether your email or personal information has been compromised in any data breaches.
Data breaches have become a daily thing now. Companies accidentally leak the huge database every now and then.
But how would you know about your data and security? Stats about data breaches are surprising and horrible.

Joker Malware – List of 24 Apps That You Need to Uninstall

When new malware come to the market every day, Joker Malware has been spotted to have infected more than 400,000 Android Devices. Also, here is a list of 24 Apps that you need to uninstall right now.
So far, Joker Malware has affected more than 37 countries globally and India is definitely one of them. Check if your device is not one of them.

Why is CamScanner Banned? CamScanner Alternatives

Recently Google banned a very famous app CamScanner which had more than 100 Million downloads on Playstore. Getting CamScanner banned seems to be a good move but what is the exact reason?
If you are a student then Camscanner must be a very nostalgic application for you. If you were a student like me, CamScanner must have helped you to pass. But for those who don’t know about this application, here is a brief introduction for you.

Is FaceApp Safe? Data and Privacy concerns

Recently FaceApp has been continuously hitting all the records. It is getting viral with a trend of #faceappchallenge across social media. But another controversy has started attacking the app with a question, “Is FaceApp safe?”
I am sure that you might already know about this FaceApp till now but in case you don’t know, here is the answer

What is Agent Smith Malware? How do we detect it?

Agent Smith Malware is trending these days and it has managed to cover itself in mainstream media as well. But what is it and how do we detect it?
In this article, we will discuss how this malware is spreading like a wildfire and how to detect it. Even it has already infected your device, then what are the ways to remove it?

Pegasus Spyware – Whatsapp Call Hacking Your Device?

You will receive a phone call on Whatsapp. Even if you don’t answer it, hackers can inject the malicious code in your smartphone.
This malicious software can compromise your storage, emails, contacts, microphone, location, and even camera.
But how is it happening?

Detect Fake Websites ~ 8 Ways To Identify

“Spin this wheel and claim an iPhone. Also, share this link to your 20 friends”
I am sure most of you have received such messages on Whatsapp and some might have even tried using these tricks. But did you get anything?
So, here are the 8 ways to detect fake websites.

Cyber War – Why Pakistani websites were hacked?

Pakistani Websites hacked by Indian Cyber army - Anshul Saxena

You might have seen several posts on Facebook and Whatsapp that Indian hackers attacked the Government websites of Pakistan. Why do such Cyber attacks take place? Why Cyber wars when we have military forces? Why do hackers target Government websites? Who are hacktivists? Who hacks these websites? Let’s see one by one. So the first … Read more