BEST Pravas App Review | Is it Good Enough?

I started using this app 4 days back, and now I am here with the BEST Pravas App Review. So, the BEST Pravas App is a new mobile app launched by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for BEST buses in Mumbai.
I’ll give some highlights of this app. I have much more to tell which I covered in the latter part of this blog post.

7 Online Writing Apps Every Writer Must Try

“Pritesh, from where and when did you start writing?”
“Which are the best online writing apps?”
“Which is the best writing platform for beginners?”
These are the most common questions that I get. Be it from Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Whatsapp.
After spending years in content creation, it’s time to reveal which writing platforms are great for beginners to write. As a result, I have categorized these writing platforms in 4 categories

Use Whatsapp Business For Business

Are you a business person who needs to connect clients using online means? So, you need Whatsapp Business for your existing offline/online Business. I am testing this app for more than a dozen of days now and my experience is great. Even if you don’t have a business yet but you want to build one … Read more

UTS App Review – Book Local Train Tickets Online

UTS App for booking unreserved tickets

What is UTS? – This is an app where you can book any unreserved ticket like that of a passenger train or a local train that works in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or any other city. You can go with the paperless ticket where you just need to show the app in case Ticket Collector asks you for the ticket.