Best Video Conferencing Apps with Screen Share Feature

With the whole world locked down, the concept of Work From Home increased. For that, video conferencing apps play a major role to host virtual meetings.
So, let’s talk about the video conference apps that might be the most suitable for your office works.

Aarogya Setu App – Another Attempt To Fight COVID-19

I gave a detailed explanation of the ‘Corona Kavach’ App while Govt launched another ‘Aarogya Setu’ App to fight COVID-19.

While Corona Kavach App was still in the beta stage, it mysteriously disappeared from the Google Playstore. Some users asked me the explanation but even I didn’t find any statement.

However, the news of brand new app started floating in the market.

Corona Kavach App – Find COVID-19 Patients Around You

The Government of India not only announced the complete lockdown of the country but also launched Corona Kavach App.
I am impressed that they felt the need to take digital actions as well. From the live status dashboard to this location-based app – give some sense of hope.
This application lets you know the COVID-19 patients around you.

Google Activity Bubbles Might Curb Your Mobile Addiction

I randomly checked my Digital Wellbeing stats and shockingly found that I unlock my phone around 50 times per day. Although most of my tasks are managed on my PC and I seldom use my phone.

I found that I unlock my smartphone 50 times a day and that is a huge number for me.

So, I decided to install this Android App.

Digital Terminus – Introducing The New Android App

“Your Digital Terminus” has always been our tagline on this website. This app aims to bring all the platforms under one umbrella. Digital Terminus means that you won’t need to go anywhere else for your research once you land on our website. That has been my motto while providing the content here. And this mission … Read more

Have I Been Pwned? Check Your Email Security Now

‘Have I Been Pwned’ is the oldest website that checks whether your email or personal information has been compromised in any data breaches.
Data breaches have become a daily thing now. Companies accidentally leak the huge database every now and then.
But how would you know about your data and security? Stats about data breaches are surprising and horrible.

How To Find My Mobile When It Gets Lost Using CEIR?

I wish I had a local Google to find my mobile when it gets stuck somewhere deep inside the sofa. That’s what we all secretly wish, don’t we?
Losing your smartphone at your home is still fine but it gets serious when you are outdoors. How can a smartphone suddenly disappear?
What now?
I have a solution for you.

Swachhata-MoHUA App | Digital Step Towards Cleanliness

Have you ever seen a pothole or a heap of garbage in your locality? At that moment you must have cursed the local authorities of your area for not performing the duty. Then you need this Swachhata-MoHUA App.

3 Best Photo Editing Apps That You Should Not Miss

Photography is like a food dish. Everyone knows the basic ingredients but what matters is the way you make it. For that, you need the best photo editing apps which will allow you to edit on the go and post it anywhere.
Everyone with decent photography skills and a good camera can click an image. However, editing brings life to an image.
I am mentioning 3 dedicated photo editing Apps that I have been using for a long time. Trust me, not all the apps have the same purpose.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile – Which is Better?

It’s been almost a year for me playing PUBG Mobile when a new competition COD mobile has arrived. So, considering PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile, which is better?
I played COD mobile for merely a week but it was enough to understand the gaming experience and compare it with PUBG mobile.