Generate QR Code For Your Business

If you are an offline business then you might be having a UPI QR code on your shop or store to ensure smooth digital payments. But how about expanding your online presence using a similar technique? Just generate QR code for your online platforms and it will get a boost.

Find out how you can do the same for your business

30 Free Cloud Storage Services For Storing Your Files

Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Hard Disks & Start Using A Cloud Storage Service
1] Hard Disks are not reliable
2] Physical Storage is limited
3] Data is cheap
4] You can access anytime and anywhere
5] Multiple free cloud storage services are available

I am listing 30+ Free cloud storage services for you

Hikeland: Watch YouTube With Remote Friends

We all love when our close friends recommend a song or a video that is related to mutual interests. However, Hike Messenger went one step ahead with the new Hikeland.
Hikeland is a feature on Hike Messenger that allows you to watch videos with your buddy or random strangers together.

Non-Chinese Alternatives For Popular Chinese Apps

We started searching for all the non-Chinese alternatives for popular Chinese apps. This started with the recent viral app that removes Chinese Apps from your phone.
I am compiling a list here and I am trying to give open-source alternatives more.
I hope you find this helpful after the Swachhata Abhiyaan on your smartphone.

10 Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Buddies

So I got a long weekend of 3 consecutive days and what did I do? I was testing the best online multiplayer games.
Online games can be the best solution to bring that fun element. Some games even allow you to voice chat internally and that is the best part.
So, I am listing some awesome games for you.

Best Video Calling Apps For Family & Friends

In the last article, we discussed the best video conferencing apps that you need for official purposes. Now, I am back with the best video calling apps for connecting your family and friends.
So, here are some amazing video chatting apps for your virtual meetups.

Best Video Conferencing Apps with Screen Share Feature

With the whole world locked down, the concept of Work From Home increased. For that, video conferencing apps play a major role to host virtual meetings.
So, let’s talk about the video conference apps that might be the most suitable for your office works.

Aarogya Setu App – Another Attempt To Fight COVID-19

I gave a detailed explanation of the ‘Corona Kavach’ App while Govt launched another ‘Aarogya Setu’ App to fight COVID-19.

While Corona Kavach App was still in the beta stage, it mysteriously disappeared from the Google Playstore. Some users asked me the explanation but even I didn’t find any statement.

However, the news of brand new app started floating in the market.

Corona Kavach App – Find COVID-19 Patients Around You

The Government of India not only announced the complete lockdown of the country but also launched Corona Kavach App.
I am impressed that they felt the need to take digital actions as well. From the live status dashboard to this location-based app – give some sense of hope.
This application lets you know the COVID-19 patients around you.

Google Activity Bubbles Might Curb Your Mobile Addiction

I randomly checked my Digital Wellbeing stats and shockingly found that I unlock my phone around 50 times per day. Although most of my tasks are managed on my PC and I seldom use my phone.

I found that I unlock my smartphone 50 times a day and that is a huge number for me.

So, I decided to install this Android App.