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This website is solely meant to teach those people who are not having a technical background but are interested in learning more about it. For such people, we need to keep things simple and engaging. I will try my best to avoid hard-core technical stuff and keep the articles more generic.

Technology Explained

There are various terms or things that we often don’t understand. We keep wondering how magic is taking place. In today’s world, knowing how stuff work can give you a better edge. This category will give explanations about such things.

Mobiles and Gadgets

This is the most interesting part for every tech-geek. The latest gadgets that are launched in the market never fail to impress you. Right from the latest smartphone to the modified drone, this category will contain all the gadgets you would love to see.

Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love playing around with the help of technology? In this digital age, everything is revolving around the technology. But how will you reap the maximum benefits out of technology? This category will tell you the tips and tricks.

Career and Education

After being surrounded by tech geeks and beautiful pieces of gadgets, many youngsters seek for a career in tech. But is it limited to Engineering? According to me, this is not the case at least in 2019. Check this category out if you want to know more such career options.

Myth Buster

India is a developing country where thousands of people are getting added on the Internet every day. Many people end up believing everything on the Internet. However, this is not the case. Which Whatsapp forwards or which Facebook posts are genuine? We will find out in this category.

Apps and Websites

Did you know that there are more than 1.5 Billion websites and more than a million mobile applications? We end up knowing a few of them that we use regularly. But this category will inform you more about such helpful websites all over the web.

Trending Now

When everything is getting digital, it is not a surprise to see that trends are rising on a daily basis. Right from some actress’s wink to the world’s most liked Egg on Instagram. Who is not familiar with such weird trends! We will discuss them in this category.

Social Media

Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry uses Social media nowadays. But do you know how to use them efficiently? Do you know how to take the utmost advantage of social media platforms? In this category, we will discuss the tricks, advantages and many things related to Social media.


Everyone is coming online and so do are the criminals. In fact, cyber criminals are far ahead than us when it comes to the astute and shrewd undue advantage of technology. Wars will no more remain limited to battlefields. It is the age of online wars. This category will make you literate about being safe on the internet.

Tech Industries and Case Studies

This is my personal favorite when it comes to technology. How the 5 giants exactly work? How these companies earn their revenue? How the founders started their journey? Such questions keep conquering my mind and this is the reason I prefer reading books on case studies. This category will make you aware of companies and the tech industries.

That’s all for now. Let’s see what we can add in this category section. You never know what surprises you might get in the upcoming days. Stay tuned…