Google Quickdraw – Doodle here when bored

Here is an interesting website called Google Quickdraw where you need to draw stuff within 20 seconds. Deal? Three people will be participating in this game – Computer, you and AI guesser. The computer will ask you to draw something. You will have to draw a rough picture within 20 seconds. The AI-based guesser will … Read more

Cyber War – Why Pakistani websites were hacked?

Pakistani Websites hacked by Indian Cyber army - Anshul Saxena

You might have seen several posts on Facebook and Whatsapp that Indian hackers attacked the Government websites of Pakistan. Why do such Cyber attacks take place? Why Cyber wars when we have military forces? Why do hackers target Government websites? Who are hacktivists? Who hacks these websites? Let’s see one by one. So the first … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Highlights

Samsung is back with its another flagship phone in the Galaxy S lineup. Not one or two but Samsung has launched 3 premium phones in the S10 series. Models launched under S series in 2019:- Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Plus We will talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus model because it is … Read more

10 Ways to earn money using a Smartphone

I’ll keep this answer limited to smartphone generated income only although I have earned far more using my laptop. So, how will you earn money using a Smartphone? 10 Ways to earn money using a Smartphone 1] Google Opinion Rewards I just installed this Google app and they keep sending surveys which can earn Rupees … Read more

6 Reasons why an Egg made a World Record

As I am writing this answer, this picture of an Egg owns a whopping 52.8 Million likes on Instagra. Image credits Here is how it got the medal: If you look at this account carefully, it is a brand new page with just one post till date. Or probably it was an old account with … Read more

Top 4 Booming Social Media Platforms

Which are the booming social media platforms in upcoming days? Saying about the shorter duration, it is being clear that WhatsApp will be the strongest social media and Twitter might become the weakest in the mentioned race in the upcoming years. Booming Social Media Platforms Facebook There is a time period of every trend and … Read more

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded?

Pritesh Pawar Fake news

Why are Whatsapp Fake Messages forwarded? I’ll not say anything about the people forward them blindly. We will cover them in the next upcoming posts. They are the educated illiterates who can be targeted and made fool of easily. No comments. Why do some people create and circulate Whatsapp Fakes Messages? Well, there are various … Read more

Types of Engineers in India

Here are the main types of Engineering streams and a brief intro: 1] Computer Engineering – These people code, write programs and make software, applications, and other computer related stuff. You need to know programming languages and be thorough with the computers. Computer Engineers are in the highest demand as per 2018 because of the … Read more

UTS App Review – Book Local Train Tickets Online

UTS App for booking unreserved tickets

What is UTS? – This is an app where you can book any unreserved ticket like that of a passenger train or a local train that works in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or any other city. You can go with the paperless ticket where you just need to show the app in case Ticket Collector asks you for the ticket.