This Is How Google Maps Works

There was a time when we had atlases, globes or paper maps for studying the maps of a particular area. If we had to travel somewhere, we used to rely on the local people who would help you navigate to the location.
But not anymore. For travelers, Google Maps is a blessing in today’s world. Each and every person with an active Internet and a decent device can easily find out the locations accurately.
So, the question is, how Google maps exactly works? How does it indicate the exact pinpoint location of a particular place? Here’s an easy explanation!

Xiaomi Case Study | How Xiaomi Became #1 Brand in India

In 2014, when Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in India, I was highly skeptical about this brand. I thought it will be just another Chinese brand which will flatter for a few days and vanish. But I was wrong.
It became the India’s number One smartphone brand within a span of 3 years. How did Xiaomi make it? Here are the reasons

Truecaller Business Model – How Truecaller Makes Money

Everyone knows that Truecaller is completely free. So, how does Truecaller earns? After all, it might be having expenses like salaries of employees, and server costs. The data it stores requires tonnes of servers.
So, how does Truecaller manages its expenses? Is it really profitable to provide such service free of cost for all the users?
Well, Truecaller is making money heavily. Trust me. It is not really a poor company. Certainly, there are various ways for Truecaller to earn money out of data and services.

How Truecaller Works? Facts That You Cannot Ignore

No. Truecaller is not a Chinese but a Swedish company. Many people were hopeful about banning Truecaller as India banned hundreds of Apps.
Even the way how Truecaller works is so concerning that most of the tech-savvy people look it as an epicenter of data privacy invasion.
Reason? It doesn’t matter whether you are using that app or never installed it to date. Your data is with them and you simply cannot do anything about it.

PUBG Alternatives: What Made PUBG Popular in India?

“Enemies ahead!”
“Stay Alert!”
“Get in the car”
If you are a PUBG player then I bet you might have read these sentences in the exact voice as that of PUBG voice chats.

Nostalgic, right?
Not anymore! Here are the 5 PUBG Alternatives

Boring Phone – A Minimalist Smartphone

What do you think when I say ‘Boring phone?’
Let me clarify that this is not any other crazy product from Elon Musk’s Boring company. This smartphone is literally boring and it aligns its name as well.
So, what is this Boring smartphone? Let’s explore more about this phone.

Meet Virtual Model Imma & CGI Based Artificial Models

Meet this gorgeous lady Imma, who is a virtual model. You might have seen her in multiple magazines, advertisements, and photo-shoots.

But she’s not a human.
Umm… wait, what?

Yeah I mentioned in the first line that she’s a virtual model, literally.

Best Earphones Under 1000 Rupees [September 2020]

Earphones under 1000 Rupees are the most competitive products for the audio industry. The demand is high and there is a cut-throat competition within a range of a few hundred Rupees.

Hence, I am listing the best earphones under Rs 1000. Later, I will even explain to you the parameters that decide the best choice for you.

Best Power Banks Under 1000 Rupees [September 2020]

With the increasing usage of smartphones, we started needing external power source for these smart devices. In this post, I am not only going to tell about the power banks under 1000 Rupees but also telling some extra things. No doubt I am listing some of the great and reputed options in the market but … Read more Best Power Banks Under 1000 Rupees [September 2020]