Aarogya Setu App – Another Attempt To Fight COVID-19

I gave a detailed explanation of the ‘Corona Kavach’ App while Govt launched another ‘Aarogya Setu’ App to fight COVID-19.

[In case you didn’t read it, here is the link: Corona Kavach App – Find COVID-19 Patients Around You]

While Corona Kavach App was still in the beta stage, it mysteriously disappeared from the Google Playstore. Some users asked me the explanation but even I didn’t find any statement.

However, the news of brand new app started floating in the market.

I must say that this new application is an upgraded and better version of the previous application.

Probably because the developer of this app is better this time.

NIC eGov Mobile Apps is a team (company?) that develops mobile applications solely for the Government of India. They have a massive portfolio of 251 apps as of now.

Here are the 4 major changes in this new app:

  1. Available for Android as well as iOS unlike Corona Kavach which was available for Android users only
  2. Fully released version while the Kavach was still in the beta mode
  3. This app is present in multiple languages and that is the best part
  4. The Bluetooth feature enhances the efficiency of the application to detect COVID-19 patients nearby.

First of all, you need to install this app on your smartphone. I am providing the official links so that you won’t fall for the fake twin apps.

Google Playstore | Aarogya Setu Download Link

Apple App Store | Aarogya Setu Download Link

Aarogya Setu App Overview

Fortunately, this application is available for both – Android as well as iOS. But I am giving an overview of Android app as I am an Android user.

As soon as you install the app, you will get these carousels. They are providing some valid information and I liked the designs here.

As usual, you need to register with your mobile number and you will get an OTP number.

Once you put that OTP number, you will get reach app permission page. Yes, they have highlighted the mobile permissions they are asking this time.

So basically, they are asking for 2 major compulsory permissions. I will explain the points.

  • Device Location – The app will use GPS to locate your smartphone so that it will help you to indicate the patients around you.
  • Bluetooth – This is an extra feature of this application. You need to keep your Bluetooth on so that it will keep detecting the patients around you. Use this whenever you visit the market to buy the essential household items.
  • Data Sharing – They are making it clear that your data is safe with the Government and they are not going to sell it to any third party.

[To understand Data Privacy, read: Truecaller Business Model]


Similar to the previous app, even Aarogya Setu mentions a highlight on the top that tells you about your risk zone.

Code Green means you are absolutely safe. Likewise, yellow is for quarantine, orange means you need to see a doctor. While the red means you are infected by COVID-19.

1] Tweets by MoHFW_INDIA

This is a great feature to get notifications about the authentic updates given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

You will find this option at the bottom of the app.

Let’s admit the ground reality that majority of the Indians are not present on Twitter and they don’t get the right updates.

So, this app will help them with the tweets and information.

2] COVID-19 Helpcenters

This consists of a list of states along with the helpline numbers. The list is pretty clean and simple to understand.

I am mentioning about the User Interface because it is important for not-so-tech-savvy people to understand this app without any confusion. This app is doing that very well.

Moreover, you can find the option of changing language at the top-right corner. It is great for most of the Indian people in rural areas.

3] Self Assessment Test

I won’t say much but show you how it looks.

If you remember well, this was the questionnaire section in the Corona Kavach app while it is bot chatting feature in this app.

It will take all the details from the user and advice if the user needs to see a doctor or not. It depends on the honesty of the user but it won’t affect the working of this app, right?

4] Other Features

You can see some features on the home screen such as the information about COVID-19, safety measures, etc.

It gives some common things that you need to follow and the things that you need to avoid. I guess everyone knows that by now but it is an additional reminder in the app.

Especially the fake news. We seriously need to fight the fake news on social media now.

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Now let’s talk about what I feel about this app.

My Opinions on Aarogya Setu App

The overall feelings are positive from my side and I am glad to see major changes from the previous app.

Now it feels more practical while fighting the virus in a digital way.

I am still confused why the Corona Kavach was suddenly removed from the Playstore without any notification. In fact, it is not even removed.

It is still present but probably hidden. Why am I saying so?

If you visit that link from my previous blog post, you will reach there successfully and it will let you install the app as well.

Google Playstore | Corona Kavach Download Link

Anyway, I am not hoping for the tremendous effects of this app because India is a not a completely digital country yet.

It is wrong to expect results similar to China when it comes to an app to curb a virus.

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But at least we have an infrastructure ready that can be used to some extent.

Comment down below what exactly do you think about this application? If you are my Whatsapp subscriber, you can reply to the message as well.

I am waiting for the replies.

Stay safe!


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